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A group of bright and eager university computing students recently had the unique opportunity to step behind the scenes of a leading telecom operator (CTM) in Macao. The students, studying various fields such as, computer science and education, were invited to visit the network management center of the CTM to gain firsthand experience of how telecommunications networks are managed and operated.

During the visit, students were led to review the development and footprint of Macao's communication network and understand Macau's current situation. The development trend of information and communication technology business and the smart application of 5G in the future. 5G technology is revolutionizing the way big data is collected, processed, and utilized. With its high-speed, low-latency capabilities, 5G enables the seamless transfer of massive amounts of data, opening up new possibilities for industries and applications. Several local real-world cases were shown to our computing student to let our students to experience the infinite possibilities brought by 5G technology and artificial intelligence to life.

Afterwards, the students were given a tour of the network management center and were able to witness the intricate processes involved in ensuring seamless connectivity for millions of users across Macao. They had the chance to interact with experienced network engineers and technicians who shared valuable insights into network management, troubleshooting techniques, and the latest technologies being deployed in the telecom industry.

"This visit was an eye-opening experience for all of us," said one of our students. "We were able to see firsthand how a telecom operator manages its network infrastructure and handles various challenges that arise on a daily basis. It was truly inspiring to see the dedication and expertise of the professionals working in the network management center."

The visit not only provided the students with practical knowledge and industry insights but also sparked their interest in pursuing careers in the telecommunications sector. Many students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to witness real-world operations and to engage with industry professionals in a meaningful way.

CTM committed to fostering talent and promoting innovation in the industry, was delighted to host the students and hopes that the visit will inspire them to explore career opportunities in telecommunications.

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