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BSc in Computing

The Bachelor of Science in Computing Programme prepares students who will be equipped to work in the industry as system engineers and programmers, network and system administrators, and computer teachers of secondary schools. Computer Education graduates will receive secondary teacher qualification recognised by the Macao Education and Youth Affairs Bureau. For graduates who pursue further studies, they are accepted by renowned universities from all over the world, such as the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), the University of London, the Carnegie Mellon University, and the University of Waterloo, etc.


BSc in AI 

The evolution of the digital economy has engendered the rise of intelligent sectors encompassing smart manufacturing, finance, agriculture, healthcare, residential management, urban development, logistics, and robotics. This expansion has given rise to a substantial exigency for skilled professionals and experts specialized in the field of artificial intelligence. Currently, the supply of AI-proficient graduates is markedly inadequate in comparison to the surging demand.

We hold the perspective that our graduates are poised to access a broad spectrum of opportunities spanning internet-based corporations, diverse industrial domains, pioneering research establishments, as well as governmental entities and agencies.

For students aspiring to pursue further academic pursuits, the avenue of postgraduate studies at MPU and esteemed global universities remains open, thereby facilitating their intellectual growth and specialization.

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Technology is Next Generation

Macao Polytechnic University is teaching computer science with a specialization in gaming—a unique course of study born of a unique collaboration with the industry