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In order to welcome our 2020/21 postgraduate students in PhD in Computer Applied Technology and MSc in Big Data and Internet of Things program, a mini sports day was organized, as one of the orientation activities, by the Computing Programme in the School of Applied Science (ESCA) at the Sport Pavilion of Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) on September 22, 2020. About 20 students participated in this event, which includes two very popular sports – badminton and table tennis. Both teachers and students enjoyed very much during their playing time. Better communication has been established among students and teachers, which will be useful for the students’ future research works with their supervisors. Moreover, the event will also enrich our postgraduate students’ study life in MPI.


Postgraduate (PhD and MSc) Students and MPI Teaching Staff


Postgraduate Students Participated in Table Tennis and Badminton

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