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PhD in  Computer Applied Technology

This programme focuses on applied technology for big data processing and smart society; addresses a range of data and information-related phenomena over interdisciplinary settings; features in-depth discussion on data science, computer science, human-centred computing and the socio-technological environments to develop students’ multifaceted perspectives; and fosters pioneer researchers with expertise in cutting-edge computer applied technologies to contribute to IT innovations.   Click here to know more.......... 

MSc in Big Data and Internet of Things

This programme aims to cultivate IT specialists in Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) so as to accommodate the development of a smart city. The programme focuses on enlightening the students to develop key system architectures, communication mechanisms for IoT and innovative IoT applications; apply leading-edge techniques for Big Data processing; utilize information relevant for smart city applications; and undertake IoT and Big Data research. Click here to know more..........

Bachelor of Science in Computing

The Computing Programme has successfully achieved higher education academic accreditation granted by the Institution of Engineering and Technology from 2009 to 2020. Qualified graduates of the Programme partially fulfil the Chartered Engineer educational requirement internationally. Students will be given an opportunity to work in a related organization through internship during their study, and apply their acquired IT knowledge and skills for resolving technical challenges through their internship module. Click here to know more..........

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Technology is Next Generation

Macao Polytechnic Institute is teaching computer science with a specialization in gaming—a unique course of study born of a unique collaboration with the industry