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Macao Mobile Network Test Report – Network Performance and User Experience

Yue Liu, Dennis Wong, Su-Kit Tang

Recently, the Macao SAR government has been vigorously promoting the digitalization of Macao, aiming to transform Macao into a smart city. It is changing the living style of citizens and the business strategy of shops and companies. Many smart applications have been deployed to meet the needs of work, study, entertainment, and business, etc. One of the underlying reasons for this achievement is the advance high-quality communication network infrastructure in the city.

According to the Macao regulatory agency, since the first analog mobile phone network was deployed in 1988, more than 30 years of mobile networking experience has been accumulated over the first, second, third and fourth generations of mobile phone network. In addition, according to the international network testing agency, the 4G mobile network infrastructure in Macao is of world-class grade. In 2022, its average download speed was ranked at the eighth in the world, which is just in line with the statistical report released by the Macao regulatory agency. With this strong technical background, Macao has already met the infrastructural requirement for the development of smart city, advancing steadily in the road to success in the smart city transformation.

This report provides insight into the relationship between the network performance and the user experience in Macao. It not only serves as a concluding remark of the mobile network development, but also serves as a reference for future mobile network development.


澳門整體移動網絡測試報告 – 網絡性能和用戶體驗的關係


澳門特區政府一直大力推動澳門數碼化發展,以「智慧城市-澳門」 作為澳門智慧城市的建設目標,從多方面不斷推動智慧手機應用程式的普及,在市民日常生活及不同行業運作中都可見一斑。市民已習慣使用各種類型的智慧應用去滿足工作、學習、娛樂、消費等需求,因此,要滿足以上的發展所需,一個先進而優質的基礎通信網絡尤為重要。

據監管機構的公開資料顯示,澳門早於1988年推出模擬式流動電話服務以來,發展至今已超過三十年,經歷第一、二、三及四代的移動電話發展,擁有豐富的技術和經驗,網絡發展平穩向前。從國際網絡測試機構發出的報告顯示,澳門的4G移動網絡基建水平屬世界前列,於2022年4G移動網絡的下載平均速度位列世界第八,剛好與本澳電信監管機構郵電局定期發佈的統計資料 相呼應,這意味本澳已具備發展發智慧城市的一項客觀條件。




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