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Date: 25th October 2017

Time: 15:00pm to 16:00pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre #3, Wui Chi Building

Speaker: Dr. Rebecca Choi 

This seminar is an introduction of digital image watermarking. Digital watermarking is a process of embedding some information into a digital signal, just like audio, images or video, which are commonly used for authentication and attachment of ownership information, and the information embedded can be extracted or detected in later procedure. Due to the fact that current copyright laws is inadequate to fully protect the rights of the digital data holders, hence, digital watermarking emerges to resolve the issue, to protect digital contents from illegal copying and modification.

Among digital image watermarking schemes, there is a category of digital watermarking schemes known as reversible digital watermarking, which allows total recovery of the original image without any distortion after the hidden data is retrieved from the marked content. In this seminar, different reversible image watermarking algorithms are introduced.


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