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MPI hosts awards ceremony for the 9th Macao-wide IT Competition – ALICE 3D Programming Contest

To continuously enhance and nurture the interest of students and the Macao community in creative technology and 3D programming, Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) has organised the ‘Macao-wide IT Competition – ALICE 3D Programming Contest’ every year since 2008. Now in its ninth year, this competition has become very popular in the local academic sector. The theme of this year’s contest is ‘Macao – our livable city’.

With our standard of living ever increasing, public attention on livable cities has surged. A livable city encompasses many aspects: in addition to having a desirable natural environment, other areas such as its economy, culture, transportation, public security and competitiveness are also of great importance. The Report on the Competitiveness of Chinese Cities in 2016, released by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, ranked Macao in fourth place in terms of the livability among 289 cities in China (including cities in Taiwan and Hong Kong). The Five-Year Development Plan of the Macao SAR released last year also mentioned that Macao should be further developed as a ‘smart’ city.

Competitors this year mostly focused on creating projects related to the protection of our ecological environment and the need to regulate and develop a green city. Competitors were also keen to offer solutions to make better use of public transportation for the convenience of citizens and tourists in small yet crowded Macao. Using ALICE 3D programming, these projects reflected the competitors' understanding and vision of what makes a livable city, as well as their love towards Macao, their beautiful home.

Many competitors mentioned that while developing their projects for this competition they had been able to further master their 3D programming skills as well as improve their creativity and team-building techniques. Also, participating teams stated that they were able to take home some valuable feedback from the judging panel during the oral presentation stage.

The contest was once again co-organised by the Gaming Standards Association and Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), sponsored by Canon Hong Kong Company Limited (Macao Branch), and supported by the Macao Education and Youth Affairs Bureau and the Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau.

As in past years, the competition received an enthusiastic response with 89 entries consisting of 260 contestants representing Macao's tertiary institutions, secondary schools and all sectors of the community.

During the competition, MPI provided specialised training in ALICE 3D programming to let participants gain a better understanding of the programming skills needed to complete their projects. MPI invited external experts onto the judging panel to ensure that the judging process is both fair and authoritative. This panel comprised the following distinguished academics: Professor Lee Ho Man from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Professor Wu Zhimei from the Multimedia Communication & Network Engineering Research Center, Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing); Professor Wang Lili from the School of Computer Science & Engineering at Beihang University (Beijing); Dr. Angus Wong from the School of Science and Technology at the Open University of Hong Kong and Dr. Wang Yapeng from the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at QMUL.

The results from the judges revealed that this year’s projects closely resembled the contest theme and were evenly matched in terms of quality. Winning entries demonstrated not just the contestants’ superb 3D programming skills, but also the livability of Macao, a city which for over 400 years has enjoyed a unique mix of cultures from the East and West.

The ‘9th Macao-wide IT Competition – ALICE 3D Programming Contest Awards Ceremony’ was held at MPI on 28th July where the officiating guests in attendance were Professor Lei Heong Iok, President of MPI; Ms. Tam Van Iu, Acting Deputy Director of the Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau; Ms. Lai Iok In, Division Head of the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, and Mr. Guo Gui, principal representative of Canon Hong Kong Company Limited (Macao Branch). Winners of this contest, their teachers and representatives from the respective secondary schools were also present at the ceremony.

Professor Im Sio Kei, Vice President of MPI, delivered a speech at the awards ceremony, noting that the competition will further support the popularity and application of information technology in Macao, providing a good platform for contestants to demonstrate their achievements. As the competition enters its tenth year, MPI will continue to organise similar events for students and the general public who have an interest in this area, bringing them together to showcase their talents and engage in productive discussions with their peers.

Students Chao Hio Fong and Kuok Chi Hou, under the mentorship of their teacher Leong Chon Hou from Colégio Diocesano de São José 4th Branch, won first prize in the Secondary School Category with their project titled ‘ROAD’. Another project with the title ‘Your ideal livable city’ by students Lei Sio Kuan, Tsai Szu Huei and Wu Ying (instructed by Lo Wai Fo) of the Workers' Children High School won second prize. The ‘Government simulator’ project by students Lei Ian Tong and Sou Ioi Teng (instructed by Kuan Hou Wang) from the Affiliated School of the University of Macau won the most creative idea prize, while ‘The story of a wimpy child’ entry by Ho Sin Ian, Ip Weng Chi and Chao Cheng Neng (instructed by Chao Iok Kuan), also of the Workers' Children High School, ‘A policy for the people – building Macao as a livable city’ by students Ng Kit Lan and Lei Ka Hei (instructed by Cheang Kuai Cho) from Fong Chong School of Taipa, and a third project titled ‘Me and my wand of a livable city’ by Chou Chan Wai, Kuan Kin Weng and Chio Song Lok (instructed by Hoi Heng Hou) from Xin Hua Middle School were awarded merit awards. In the Open Category, the entry ‘Making a move to a livable city’ by Lou Wai Fo and Hoi Nei Tat won first prize, and a project titled ‘My livable city – Macao’ by Chan Ka Weng, Zhu LingXi and Li XinWei won second prize.

The winning teams from the two categories demonstrated their projects at the awards ceremony, all of whom were rewarded with very positive recognition and applause from the audience.

Professor Marcus Im, Vice President of MPI, delivers his opening speech at the awards ceremony


Group photo of the 9th Macao-wide IT Competition – ALICE 3D Programming Contest

First prize winning team of the 9th Macao-wide IT Competition – ALICE 3D Programming Contest (Secondary School Category)


First prize winning team of the 9th Macao-wide IT Competition – ALICE 3D Programming Contest (Open Category)


MPI students win silver award at the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region Universities IT Project Competition

Students and teachers from the Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) participated in the grand finals of the ‘2017 Pan-Pearl River Delta Region Universities IT Project Competition’ held in Hong Kong from 3-5 July. Tens of thousands of university students took part in this annual event which aims to promote innovative thinking. A project team comprising four MPI students: Lam Choi Ut, Song In Man, Ngai Chong Cheong and Lai Chi Meng won the silver award at the competition, bringing great honour to Macao. The student team worked on a project entitled ‘Big-data based smart parking management solution’ under the supervision of Dr. Jacky Tang, Associate Professor of MPI’s Computing programme.

Now in its 12th year, the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region Universities IT Project Competition is an advanced IT competition for university students in the Chinese Mainland. This competition has gained much prestige in the industry and academic arenas. Students from 18 cities and regions, including Guangdong, Jiangxi, Fujian, Hunan, Hainan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Sichuan, Chongqing, Guangxi, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao participated in the competition. The contest has encouraged interaction between university students of the four regions across the Straits, improving their professional capabilities.

Lam Choi Ut, Song In Man, Ngai Chong Cheong and Lai Chi Meng, four students from MPI’s Computing programme, collaborated in their efforts in the project inspired by the concept of a smart city with the topic ‘Big-data based smart parking management solution’. Under the supervision of Dr. Jacky Tang, this project gained recognition with a silver prize at the competition. This project made use of electronic license plates to collect data related to the movement of vehicles, allowing drivers and managers to take note of real-time situations of a car park. Consequently it would tackle problems of the allocation of car park resources in view of increasing traffic.

According to Dr. Tang of MPI’s Computing programme, the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region Universities IT Project Competition is a good platform to nurture students’ technical capability and creativity. Dr. Tang affirmed that the splendid achievement gained by MPI students is the fruit of their hard work and perseverance, noting that his students have put in a lot of effort to strive for perfection and recognition. At the award ceremony Dr. Rita Tse, Director of MPI’s School of Public Administration, was presented with an award in recognition of her contributions as well as of MPI’s remarkable performance at the competition.

MPI’s Computing programme has been playing an active role in nurturing IT professionals. Accredited by UK’s Institution of Engineering and Technology in 2011, it is the first higher education programme in Macao successfully going through an international academic review. Students, upon meeting the required academic standards, are eligible to apply for internationally recognised professional qualifications in the UK when they graduate. Graduates thus enjoy bright prospects in the job market. In addition, MPI has established collaborations with globally renowned universities, allowing outstanding graduates of the Computing programme to pursue graduate studies overseas.

MPI’s Computing students and teachers win silver award at the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region Universities IT Project Competition with their project entitled ‘Big-data based smart parking management solution’


Dr. Rita Tse, Director of MPI’s School of Public Administration (second right), receives a contribution award at the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region Universities IT Project Competition


Inauguration of the 18th IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks

The 18th IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks (WoWMoM 2017) was inaugurated at Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) on 13 June. Over 130 scholars from 26 countries/regions and 71 universities and research institutes gathered in Macao to discuss the latest global trends in science and technology. The symposium covers a wide range of technical aspects of wireless communications, the Internet of Things, big data and smart cities. The organiser hopes to demonstrate the development and the strength of science and technology in Macao through this joint symposium in order to enhance the level of scientific research in wireless communications, network and mobile technology, multimedia networks and related areas such as the concept of smart cities.

The WoWMoM 2017 began at 09:15 on 13 June at Macao Polytechnic Institute. Officiating guests at the opening were Professor Lei Heong Iok (President of Macao Polytechnic Insititute), Professor Sajal K. Das (Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA), Professor Marco Conti (Institute of Informatics and Telematics - CNR, Italy), Dr Yue Gao (Queen Mary University of London, UK), Professor Laurie Cuthbert (MPI-QMUL Information Systems Research Centre, Macao), Professor Xiong Zhang (Beihang University, China), Professor Mario Gerla (Joint Research Center in Ubiquitous Computing & UCLA, USA), Dr Liu Yonghe (University of Texas at Arlington, USA), Dr Rita Tse (Macao Polytechnic Institute, Macao), Dr I Chih-Lin (China Mobile Research Institute, China), Professor Zhang Wei (University of New South Wales, Australia) and Professor Salil Kanhere (University of Bologna, Italy).

At the opening ceremony, Professor Lei Heong Iok, President of Macao Polytechnic Institute, stated that with the strong support of the government, Macao is becoming one of the first “smart cities” in the region. Professor Lei expected that many of the latest information technologies, such as the Internet of Things, will soon be implemented and integrated in the city to improve the development of the Special Administrative Region as well as maximize the efficient use of its resources. By hosting this conference in Macao, MPI can provide a platform for experts from around the world to gather and to exchange new findings and technical insights as to how to build a society that is more efficiently connected than ever before.

Dr Gao Yue, General Co-Chair of WoWMoM 2017 and the representative of Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), informed the conference participants that QMUL is one of only 24 Russell Group universities in the United Kingdom, a prestigious and research-intensive network of world-class universities that includes the universities of Oxford and Cambridge in its ranks. QMUL has 7 Nobel Prize winning staff and alumni and was ranked 9th in the Research Excellence Framework (REF) in 2014 among 135 universities in the UK. Dr Gao expressed his great honour at co-chairing the MPI-based WoWMoM 2017 Symposium with Professor Marcus Im. The WoWMoM 2017 attracted 104 submissions from 26 countries, with 21 accepted full papers and seven short papers, constituting an acceptance rate of 27%. Local staff at MPI also arranged a series of exciting social events for the conference participants. Dr Gao would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the organising committee for their support in the past year, making it possible for them to gather at MPI. Dr Rita Tse, representative of Professor Marcus Im who is also the Vice President of MPI and General Co-Chair of WoWMoM 2017, expressed her gratitude towards the organisers for their great support in providing a platform for the exchange of views and ideas on future communications technology for Macao and scholars from all over the world.

As a prominent international conference, this symposium was organised by Macao Polytechnic Institute, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and IEEE Computer Society, the Technical Committee on Computer Communications, Queen Mary University of London, UK,and Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA.This symposium was hosted by the University of Coimbra in Portugal last year. The keynote speakers of this symposium are Dr I Chih-Lin who will deliver a speech on “Feeling the Pulse of 5G” and Professor Petri Mähönen from RWTH Aachen University who will give a speech on “Post 5G: Is This The End of Telecommunications?”

The symposium will last for four days and includes discussions on special topics, as well as workshops, displays and a Doctoral forum. Discussion topics include high efficiency multimedia networks, next-generation networks, wireless network analysis and optimization, context awareness, wearable technology and social networking, localisation and tracking techniques, data analysis and machine learning, mobile data streaming, multimedia systems optimization, resource management and thin provisioning related areas.

The 18th IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks was inaugurated at Macao Polytechnic Institute

Professor Lei Heong Iok, President of Macao Polytechnic Institute, expressed his vision of Macao as steadily moving forward to become a "smart city"


Dr Gao Yue, General Co-Chair of WoWMoM 2017 and the representative of Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), introduced the submission of papers



Dr I Chih-Lin, Chief Scientist of Wireless Technologies in China Mobile Research Institute, delivered a speech on “Feeling the Pulse of 5G”.


Dr Rita Tse, representative of Professor Marcus Im (General Co-Chair of WoWMoM 2017 and Vice President of Macao Polytechnic Institute), expressed her gratitude to all the organisers for their great support of the symposium


Macao Polytechnic Institute’s research patent was invited to be presented at the G7- Environment 2017 and deployed in Portugal and Italy respectively

On June 6, Macao Polytechnic Institute’s (MPI) research patent in Big Data Application, “Canarin: A cloud-based real-time environmental monitoring system”, was invited by the University of Bologna, Italy, to be presented at the G7-Environment 2017 of the 43rd G7 Summit held in Italy, and was commended by experts and scholars from all over the world. To promote cross-cultural / cross-country dialogue and national cooperation, interaction, unity and sustainable development, forums devoted to environment, health, transportation, culture, science, agriculture, finance, labor etc. have been convened. Professor Marcus Im, Vice President of MPI, led a delegation to attend the forum.

Canarin, being the research outcome of the teaching staff and student of the Computing Program of MPI in 2015, had won the Gold Award of the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region Universities IT Project Competition 2016, as well as the Silver Award of the 16th Asia Pacific Information and Communication Technology Alliance (APICTA) Award. The real-time environmental monitoring system can be applied to monitor the environment, especially in the protection of cultural heritage. The working principle is to apply specific algorithms at the cloud-based server to aggregate environmental factors such as PM2.5, UV radiation, atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity etc. collected through dispersed sensor nodes to provide the necessary data for developing efficient environmental policy. This intelligent way of monitoring environmental change can be used to replace the traditional fixed-point systems, and be greatly beneficial to monitor and improve the environment and air quality.

Recently, MPI has been invited by the University of Coimbra, with a history of over 700 years in Portugal, to install the real-time environmental monitoring system in their Joanina Library and Science Museum. At the invitation of the University of Bologna in Italy, MPI has launched the first phase of installing the real-time environmental monitoring system on 60 bicycles for collecting environmental data in the historic city of Bologna for local environmental assessment.

MPI’s research patent being invited to showcase in G7- Environment 2017 in Italy, and deployed in Portugal and Italy demonstrates the academic level of Macao Polytechnic Institute and that of the higher education institutions in Macao. This is the outcome of the vigorous support of the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of the Macao SAR and the general community of Macao.


The research team of MPI participated in the G7- Environment 2017


MPI’s research patent "Canarin: A cloud-based real-time environmental monitoring system" was used in Italy


Vice-Rector of the University of Bologna, Italy (second from left) and the delegation of Macao Polytechnic Institute discussed academic and research cooperation


Canarin was deployed in the Joanina Library of the University of Coimbra, Portugal


Macao Polytechnic Institute invited to the Seminar “Big Data for Big Impact”

For the 2017 World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, the seminar “Big Data for Big Impact”, organized by Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau(CTT), was held in the Macao Tower on 17 May 2017. Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) was honorably invited to attend the seminar, exchanging opinions with the industrial and educational IT experts on the hottest topics regarding the big data, smart city and internet of things. It was fruitful and rewarding. 

Postmaster General of CTT, Wai Meng Lau (Middle) and Director of School of Public Administration, MPI, Dr. Rita Tse (Left)

Department Head of the Telecommunications Technologies and Resource Management of CTT, Billy Ip (Second from the left) and MPI representatives.


Collaboration of Macao Polytechnic Institute and Macao Post Strengthened

To continuously enhance the collaboration between Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) and Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau(CTT) on the next generation of Internet (IPv6), on 14 March 2017, Professor Marcus Im, the Acting President of MPI, Dr. Rita Tse, the Director of the School of Public Administration, and Dr. Chan Tong Lam, the Coordinator of the Computing program welcomed Mr. Francisco Leong, the Department Head of the Telecommunications Technologies and Resource Management of CTT, Mr. Billy Ip, the Head of the Division of the Telecommunications Technologies, and Mr. Lei Kuong Leong, the Head of the Division of the Resource Management. They exchanged their opinions in the collaboration of IPv6 promotion, research and development in Macau. Despite the fact that IP addresses run out, the demand of IP addresses continues to increase. IPv6 becomes the solution to resolve this situation as it provides almost unlimited number of IP addresses. Both parties agreed to work together and be well-prepared for the changeover.

The IPv6 Network Research Laboratory is a successful collaboration between MPI and CTT since 2013. Over the past 4 years, the laboratory has organized several IPv6 seminars/workshops to increase IPv6 awareness and facilitate IPv6 take-up. We will continuously play a key role in raising awareness and encouraging the deployment of IPv6.

For more information, please contact us at 8599 6491 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A group photo of Macao Polytechnic Institute and Macao Post. 

IPv6 Network Research Laboratory.


HKYAA Members visiting Our Gaming and Entertainment Information Technology Research and Development Centre

Four key members of the Hong Kong Youth Aviation Academy (HKYAA) Limited visited the Gaming and Entertainment Research and Development Lab of our Computing Program on March 27, 2017. Two of them are Boeing 777 captains. HKYAA is formed by professionals in the Hong Kong aviation industry with missions to inspire people by exploring different areas of aviation, and to promote aviation interests and the pursuit of aviation knowledge.

During the visit, HKYAA members highly appreciated the realistic simulation and the effectiveness of the newly installed Cessna 172 Simulator in training new pilots. They shared with us their experience as pilots and trainers in the aviation industry. We showed our vision on the flight simulator from the software engineering perspective, how the development and configuration upon such a product can help us deliver the key knowledge and skills in computing to our students and provide a platform for research in multimedia and virtual reality to our colleagues. Both parties exchanged ideas broadly on the potential applications of flight simulators and expressed the strong willingness to search for further collaboration opportunities.


CTM Data Center Visit 2017

On 5th April 2017, 21 students from EIS specialization visited the CTM Data Centre accompanied by Wilson Ho.

Toby Ng, Senior Manager of IT Infrastructure of CTM delivered a presentation to introduce the company’s IT organizational structure, IT operating systems including the Green Data Center, Storage Area Network, and Convergent Rating and Billing System, etc.

The students were also led to tour at CTM’s IT Data Centre to enrich their knowledge in enterprise information systems, and gain better understanding about the data storage system, as well as adoption of various green protection features in the data center.

The students were attentive and actively raised questions about the features of the telecom facilities. The visit program concluded in a warm and harmonious atmosphere.


MGM Visit 2017

A trip to MGM was organized on March 22. There were altogether 19 3rd year students and 2 teachers who were joining the field trip. In the trip, we were escorted by a PR senior staff and IT personnel touring around the property, including the data center, IT development lab, employee and guest facilities etc. They showed us their IT development in Baccarat table game and the operation of the LT Baccarat game system. 


Lecture on Building Resilient Space Exploration Systems


Software is considered to be critical as it plays a very important role in our daily lives. Upgrades or changes to such software are expensive and risky. It is essential to have adequate tools and methodologies to be used in the design and implementation of software systems.

MPI invited a scholar, Professor Mike Hinchey from University of Limerick, on 28th of March to give us a lecture on how to build resilient Space exploration systems. He addressed a research agenda for building software in computer-based systems that is safe and highly reliable and retains this reliability as it evolves, either over time or at run-time. 

Professor Mike Hinchey is the Director of Lero-the Irish Software Research Centre and Professor of Software Engineering at University of Limerick. Prior to joining Lero, Professor Hinchey was the Director of the NASA Software Engineering Laboratory; he continues to serve as a NASA Expert. In 2009 he was awarded NASA's Kerley Award as Innovator of the Year.

Chinese news:


English Team Building and BBQ

Date: 25th March 2017

Time: 11:00-15:00

Venue: Macao Scout Association

Over 75 students, 18 teachers and the staff in Computing Programme participated in the English team building and BBQ event.  All of us enjoyed ourselves in a joyful and friendly atmosphere.  We really had fun in an English treasure hunting game.  The winners were awarded special prizes by our Vice-Present, Director, and Programme Coordinator.  This event provided a good opportunity for students and teachers to increase mutual communications and establish a collaborative team-building spirit.  


Distinguished Lecturer's Seminar Series: Building Resilient Space Exploration Systems


Warmest Congratulations to our Student and Alumni for Achieving the 2016 MITIA Champion, and to Director Tse Tan Sim and Associate Professor Lei Iat Seng for Achieving the Excellent Instructor Award


The Badminton Competition 2017 

The competition for our Computing students was held yesterday at Multi-Sport Pavilion with over 30 students and teachers taking part. There were lots of healthy competition and smiles all round from the participants in attendance.


Lectures on Frontiers of Computing

To promote state of the art research progresses and share with our students and teachers fresh ideas in computing, the computing program invited two scholars, Dr. Penousal Machado from University of Coimbra and Dr. Zheng Yanwei from Beihang University, on 18th of January to give lectures in the areas of computer visualization, computer vision, neural networks and deep learning.

Dr. Machado focused on information visualization, introducing the ultimate goals of the field, and describing how the team of the Computational Design and Visualization of the University of Coimbra had been pursuing these goals.

Dr. Zheng gave a concise walk-through of the principles and structures of neural networks, and how convolutional neural networks worked in image processing. He demonstrated the research results of applying the technology to person re-identification in the Beihang Hawkeye laboratory.


Warmest Congratulations to Our Computing Students for being awarded the Merit Prize in the 16th APICTA Awards


Students in the Computing program, namely Tim Xiao, Lessing Chou and Herman Lam, represented Macao and have won the Second Prize in the tertiary project category in the Asia Pacific Information and Communications Technology Award (APICTA) in Dec 2016.

APICTA is one of the yearly prestigious competitions for the information technology industry in the Asia Pacific region. Every year it attracts high-quality projects from education, government and industry sectors in Asia Pacific to compete for excellence and innovation. The competition is especially fierce this year, with more than 230 project teams coming from 16 countries / regions.

Under the supervision of Associate Professors Rita Tse and Philip Lei (from the Computing program), the MPI Computing program project team had won the top award in the Macao ICT Award in Sept 2016, and was selected as the representative of Macao in the APICTA competition. The project is titled “A Wireless Sensor Network System for Real-time Environmental Monitoring”. It proposes an innovative solution to measure air quality with mobile sensor nodes, which upload data to a cloud-based server for analysis. The project enables effective and low-cost solutions to monitor air quality and possesses large potential for personal health products.



Congratulations to our students for being awarded the 2nd prize in International ICT Innovative Services Awards 2016


The project, entitled "A Portable Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) System for Real-Time Environmental Monitoring", was awarded the 2nd prize in Asia Pacific Regional Team. Other finalists in the group includes universities from Taiwan, Macau, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand. 

Info. about the InnoServe Awards:

Entering its 21th year, the International ICT Innovative Services Awards (InnoServe Awards) is an annual ICT application competition held for university and college students. In 2004, the Chinese Society for Information Management, in collaboration with Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Computer Center of Ministry of Education, and the Taipei Computer Association expanded the scale of the contest to become the largest and the most significant contest of its kind in Taiwan. 

The objective of the InnoServe Awards is to provide a platform for students to present their information management projects as part of their graduation requirements; while at the same time, promoting academic-industry collaboration by integrating academic training and practical experience.

To date, more than ten thousand teachers and students from over one hundred universities and colleges have participated in the Contest.

Contest website at



Internet+ University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 


From 13th October to 15th October 2016, four Computing students, Moon Lam, Sonya Song, Meng Lai and Tony Ieong, under the supervision of Dr. Su-Kit Tang, participated in the “Internet+ University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” in Wuhan, China.

Totally, there are 124 out of 120,000 projects competed in the competition for the First, Second, Third, Gold and Silver awards. By presenting their projects, and answering questions from the assessment panel, all teams tried their best on stage. Finally, our computing students won the Silver award and come back Macau with applauses.

Our computing students will represent Macao to compete in the "9th Guangzhou/Hong Kong/Macao/Chengdu Youth Skills Competition"

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