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To continuously enhance and nurture the interest of students and the Macao community in creative technology and 3D programming, MPI has recently organised the ‘8th Macao-wide IT Competition - ALICE 3D Programming Contest’. The awards ceremony of the contest was held at MPI's lecture theatre on 29th July, during which the ‘first prizes’ of the secondary school and open categories, the ‘most creative idea prize’ and ‘merit prizes’ were awarded. The winning projects - ‘Smart Macao Connects You and Me’ from the open category and ‘Smart Planet’ from the secondary school category - were also on display at the ceremony.

The ‘8th Macao-wide IT Competition - ALICE 3D Programming Contest’ Awards Ceremony was held at the MPI lecture theatre at 4pm on 29th July (Friday) where the guests attending were Professor Xiong Zhang of Beihang University, Mr. Leong San Io, Department Head, Telecommunications Technologies and Resource Management of the Bureau of Telecommunications Regulation of the Macao SAR, Mr. Wong Kin Mou, Department Head of the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, Mr. Choi Cheong Hong, Division Head of the Macao Government Tourist Office, Mr. Chao Ka Wong, Manager of Canon Hong Kong Company Limited (Macao Branch), Professor Im Sio Kei, Vice President of MPI and Dr. Tse Tan Sim, Director of MPI's School of Public of Administration. Winners of this contest, their teachers and representatives from the respective secondary schools were also present at the ceremony.

Dr. Im Sio Kei, Vice President of MPI, delivered a speech at the awards ceremony, citing the Chief Executive's Policy Address for the Fiscal Year 2016 and his Five-Year Development Plan of Macao SAR released recently that Macao will be further developed as a ‘smart’ city. The use of 3D technology in the interactive display of smart cities now attracts much attention, and the industry has seen a widespread use of this technology in an increasingly growing number of areas. The 3D technology has now become an immensely useful and efficient tool in computing technology. MPI hopes that the contest would enable participants to not only master 3D programming techniques, but also stimulate their creativity through the process of structuring the project and developing teamwork skills. Dr. Im noted that this year’s contest attracted many contestants and has indeed become one of Macao's most popular programming competitions.

This year competition was especially keen and the organiser has received applications from almost a hundred teams with around 300 contestants representing Macao's tertiary institutions, secondary schools and all sectors of the community. Dr. Im gave his high praises for the innovativeness and outstanding quality of most of the projects. Contestants demonstrated their excellent 3D programming skills with their own visions of a future Macao in terms of ‘smarter’ approaches to all things related to clothing, food, accommodation and transport. Furthermore, the competition enabled contestants to strengthen their understanding of a smart city. The competition plays an active role in driving the application of IT and creativity of the Macao community, and in these respects it most certainly achieved its desired effect. MPI will continue to organise a greater variety of IT activities for students and industries interested in IT, providing more opportunities for students and the community at large interested in this technology to demonstrate their talents and exchange views and ideas.

After months of intense competition, the winners were finally announced. In the Open Category, the entry ‘Smart Macao Connects You and Me’ by Lou Wai Fo and Hoi Nei Tat won first prize, and ‘A Travelogue of Macao in the Future’ by Lam Choi Ut and Song In Man won second prize. In the Secondary School Category, the ‘Smart Planet’ entry by students Chao Hio Fong and Cheang Chak Fong under the mentorship of their teacher Leong Chon Hou from Colégio Diocesano de Sao José 2nd and 3rd branches won first prize, and a project entitled ‘Creating Your Smart Macao’ by students Seng Wai In and I Man In of Pui Ching Middle School won second prize. The ‘Smart.Macao’ project by students Lao Ka Wai and Cheang Chon Meng from Yuet Wah College won the most creative idea prize, whilst ‘The Journey’ entry by Cheong Chak Kuan, Yang ChaoWei and Chen YunDa of Xin Hua Secondary School, “Light and Shadow” by students Cheong Ka Wang, Lam Chi Ho and Cheang Weng Lam from Colégio Diocesano de Sao José 2nd and 3rd branches, and a third project titled ‘The Encounter of Dream and City’ by Lei Sio Kuan, Tsai Szu Huei and Wu Ying from The Workers' Children High School took home merit awards. The first prize award winners from the two categories displayed their masterpieces during the award ceremony, and were rewarded with very positive recognition and applause from the audience.

The ‘8th Macao-wide IT Competition - ALICE 3D Programming Contest’ was co-organised by the Gaming Standards Association (GSA) and Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), sponsored by Canon Hong Kong Company Limited (Macao Branch) and supported by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau.


First prize winner of 8th Macao-wide IT Competition - ALICE 3D Programming Contest
(Secondary School Category)


Representatives of the first prize winner of 8th Macao-wide IT Competition -
ALICE 3D Programming Contest (Open Category)

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