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Macao Polytechnic Institute student Luo Yanlong (Lyle), from the Bachelor of Science in Computing Programme, together with Associate Professor Lei Iat Seng (Philip) and Associate Professor Tse Tan Sim (Rita), presented their co-authored paper at the Russia Electronic Governance and Open Society: Challenges in Eurasia (EGOSE 2015) Conference, which was held in Russia, and won ‘Encouragement Lauriat Awards’ from among dozens of papers selected from around the world.

The Conference is organised by Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO), a well-known University in Russia, and every year many scholars from Europe, America and other countries participate, the evaluation board being formed by international experts who evaluate the papers anonymously. Among the nearly 50 accepted papers, the board selected four papers to receive ‘The Best Paper Award’ and ‘The Encouragement Lauriat Award’. The paper co-authored by the Computing Programme’s student and staff was among the four awarded papers. The paper, entitled ‘Evaluating Macao’s Gaming Industry Using Sentiment Analysis on Weibo Tweets’, analyzes and evaluates the overall satisfaction of Weibo users towards the gaming and hotel industry in Macao by means of Weibo messages and computing.

The Computing Programme members noted that the positive result was underpinned by the rigorous and high-quality research objectives and continued efforts of the research team. Also, MPI provides students and academic staff with various research platforms at an international standard to enable students to demonstrate the strength of their scientific research in international academic situations, as well as through cooperation with world-famous universities such as the University of London and University of California, Los Angeles, which have jointly established laboratories in Macao. The thesis developed in the paper was the graduation proposal of Luo Yanlong (Lyle), demonstrating the excellent level of scientific research nurtured by the Computing Programme at MPI. 

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